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What is a responsive website, do i need it?

What is a responsive website?

responsive-designIn simple words, a website which is compatible to all devices and adapts its layout, menu, images etc according to the device it is viewed in is a responsive website.

With smart devices becoming rapidly used, it has become imperative for all the websites to be responsively designed. It is estimated that 50% of the browsing is done on smartphones today and is rapidly increasing.

Also, with the new google mobilegeddon, google has given clear priority to websites with responsive design above the non responsive websites. The search results are favoring responsive websites today.

How do I know my website is responsive?

There are a lot of online sites offering responsive checking tool. Here is one where you can check whether your website is compatible to multiple devices. Click here for responsive check.

My website is not responsive, What should I do?

It is strongly advised that you get your website redesigned to make it responsive. It might not affect much in terms of visitors today but over the period of time, it will not remain an option anymore. The sooner the better. There are a lot of cms availabe which provide responsive designs like wordpress, joomla etc.

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