6 Proven tips to build your email list

Email Marketing, still a very powerful way to be in touch with your subscribers. A very effective mode of communication with maximum ROI.

Building a mailinglist is not an overnight task, but trust me the patience will pay.

Here are a few tips to build a successful mailinglist.

  1. First and the foremost is, Start it Asap, the sooner you start building the better. Its like investment, the earlier the better.
  2. Place the email collection form at a location easily reachable and visible to the visitors.
  3. Offer a free gift, ebook or a service or any other reward in return for their subscription, it is observed that freebies offered works wonders in multiplying subscriptions.
  4. Clearly mention the privacy rules, make sure they know that their information will never be shared.
  5. Add subscription form on multiple pages and monitor the conversions page wise.
  6. Be Patient. It will surely pay.

Hope these tips will help you in your business. Feel free to post your comments.

Happy Building!


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