Tips to get a website designed for cheap.

I need a website for my business or to start a new business but I do not wish to spend a lot on my website or I do not have enough budget to spend on a website design.

If you are facing the above, this post will help you get a website designed at a very low price.

It requires very basic computer skills.

Here are the steps to a cheaper website design.

1. Register your domain name, there are a lot of domain registrar like godaddy, name dot com, network solutions etc.

Most of the registrar offer discount coupon codes, search for them and you will get your domain name registered for cheap.

2. Find a cheap reliable webhosting provider. I personally suggest bargainvault dot com, godaddy hosting. You will get the hosting anywhere from 2 dollars to 6 dollars a month.

3. Once that you get the new hosting, you shall receive the hosting account details. Now this is a little tricky now, the webhosting provider in its welcome email will send you the domain name server ( dns ) where your site needs to be pointed .ie,, you simply need to go to your domain registrar, login to your account and in the domain mananger you shall see an option to change the domain name servers, in that change the it to the provided by your webhost provider. Bingo!, half job is done here.

4. All major hosting service now provides website builder or and cms systems. ( content management). This will make your website designing a piece of cake.

5. Depending on the hosting service you opted for, you will have the site builder option in the webhosting control panel. Once you follow the simple steps of the site builder, your website will be ready in no time.

They have some excellent templates readily available.

Your website is ready.

If you need any assistance in designing your site, you can contact us here.

Hope you find this post useful.

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