SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2018

SEO Mistake s You Must Avoid in 2018

SEO, one trend taking the internet by storm. This is a very good way of getting traffic to your websites. Traffic doesn’t necessarily mean that there is more income generated but it is an indication that there will be an increase in profit. As a small business owner, it’s of great importance to note that you are swimming in a complex marketplace. A marketplace filled with brands trying to get more web traffic despite the mammoth amount of traffic that they have. Starting and sustaining a business in no easy task. This is because, these brands are working with one SEO agency or the other that are well equipped with the algorithms released by the various engines and are in a better position as to making better SEO related decisions.

These brands also have the services of some ecommerce development company at their beck and call. As a result it is no surprise that the website links of the big brands usually appear as the first set of results, when an internet user searches the web using one keyword or the other. Considering these factors, it is quite easy to give up on using a SEO campaign. You can still make your mark in the online community using SEO, all you need do is avoid these mistakes.

Conduct Market Survey

Don’t make the mistake of jumping on trends because it is what is in vogue or because it is working for everyone else. It is very important to do your homework to be able to ascertain if it will work for you. If it will work for you, what are the techniques to apply when using this trend called SEO, what are the principles guiding its use, who are the competitions you have, how effective is their own campaign technique amongst other things. Do not be in a hurry, it is not how much but how well.

Identify Prospects

It is very important to identify individuals who will most likely patronize your business, goods or services. This is very important as this will be a deciding factor as to what type of content to develop, what type of keywords to use, what type of language. It is very important to identify those that will likely subscribe to what you have to offer. It is very necessary to have a clear picture of this factor so as avoid giving the right service to the wrong people and vice versa.

Suitable Content

It is very important to give what is suitable to the people it is most suitable for. The content is what keeps your subscribers attention. The content of your website or blog is what gives information about what you have to offer. Develop your content with a generic view. Your content shouldn’t always be about you or your business. Your contents should also give information on other areas that affect your subscribers as long as it relates to your business.


This is where most bloggers and web operators get it wrong. It is very important to use keywords but it is more important to avoid the excessive use of keywords as they show desperation and causes your content to lose it’s originality. There are various types of keywords and it is very important to understand how to use them.

Poor Website Optimization

Google and other search engines will always web operators that are not careful. It is important to have a good website but is better or best to have a fast loading website. Individual will run away from away from websites that takes over 3-5seconds to loads. Avoid the use of too colourful designs as these designs take up data and causes your website to lag.

Excessive Optimization

It is important to have a very optimized website but a website has some must-have features. You should avoid depriving your website of some important features in the name of optimization. Instead of totally removing these features, you can work on your website to have these important features and still be optimized.