Tips & Tricks to Create Attractive and Engaging SEO Content

Tips and Tricks to Create Attractive and Engaging SEO Content

According to April 2018 Statista record, we have approximately 13.4 billon social media users globally meaning businesses have to do it right in this digitalization era or you can use Magento Ecommerce Agency to assist your brand create a niche.

Social is about sharing and building a relationship with your audience first and this starts with engagement. Start a conversation, share relevant and useful information’s and tips alongside your products to build trust.

Here are 6 tips and tricks to assist you in creating an attractive and engaging SEO content.

1. Move into the visual realm.

Photos receive more likes, shares, and comments on all platforms. Images help pass your message to a wide number of people but you need to be creative with them in order to make them relatable and readable.

2. Your graphics quality

Use high-quality images to represent your brand and not just any how picture because if you don’t know, your customers look at these little information’s about your brand. If you can’t give them something worthy to look at then how is the quality of your product or service?

You also cannot just go to search engines to copy any image because the copyright belongs to someone else so you can go to some sights like Unsplash or Canva for beautiful graphic photos.

3. Recycle your old contents and post contents regularly

Regularly posting fresh content on your site is one of the easiest ways to introduce potential customers or clients to your brand. Write about something people care about, keep them informed about life issues, society pressure, inform them of your brand, and just generally share knowledge. Also recycle old contents, no knowledge is wasted right?

4. Share customer testimonials and reviews

To reach out to potential customers, the success stories of your current customers can do that because people go online to check reviews about your product or service. Tell your customers to send feedbacks or equally run a social media campaign and ask people to share their experience.

5. Host contests and giveaways

The best way to engage your audience and get more attention on social media is to throw in contests and giveaways. Did you know, 35 percent of Facebook fans like a page so they can participate in contests? This literally pulls crowd on all social platforms so that should be your next step.

6. Use those hashtags and trending keywords

Hashtags help to find relevant contents, allow you to connect with other users and help increase your click-through rates. To follow the trend and be more engaging, use hashtags to be conversational and relatable but try to not overdo while at it.


To get huge followership, engagement and sale on your site, it takes hard work and dedication, these things don’t come overnight so if you know you cannot handle the pressure, you can simply give your social media business to any SEO agency of your choice that can deliver an amazing job.