Five Great Games You Can Play for High Stakes Online

Read about five quality casino games that you can expect to play at most internet casino sites online with high limits wagers.

There are all sorts of online casino games that you can choose to play online. Some are renowned for offering a wealth of features. Others provide cheap bets that are suitable for players on a budget, and some are reserved for high rollers. Of course, we’re interested in high stakes games, and they form the basis of our article today. If you want to play high stakes titles, what should you aim to play? We’re here to introduce you to five great games you can play with high stakes today.

Poker Tournaments

When one thinks of high stakes bets, it is hard not to think of poker. A table game between strangers in the back of a smoky VIP room or a televised tournament aren’t the only ways you can wager big money on poker. Plenty of satellites, sit and go’s, and other poker tournaments can be enjoyed online at top casinos. With a wealth of variants, tournaments, and competitions out there, there is something for everyone when it comes to high stakes poker. If you are too timid to play against real-life opposition, you can always play high stakes video poker games.

High Limit Roulette

Poker isn’t the only table game you can play with epic stakes. High limit roulette is another cracking example of the types of games you have open to you. However, high stakes roulette games are risky, as you are less reliant on strategy and luck featured more heavily in the game. Before playing any high stakes roulette game, we’d encourage you to learn about covering the wheel, the probability of both inside and outside bets and the La Partage/En Prison rules.

High Stakes Blackjack

There are just as many blackjack games found in online casinos as roulette ones. High stakes blackjack games are not out of the question, either. These games typically feature the same rules as conventional blackjack options, although there may be side bets you can tinker with when betting. The best thing about playing high stakes blackjack is that this game may also appear in tournaments and competitions at casino sites.

Big Money Baccarat

If you fancy yourself a bit of a James Bond wannabe, then playing baccarat with big money could be the way to go. This game is simple to grasp once you understand the Third Card Rule. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to know this when playing online. The tricky rule is automatically applied. Also known as Punto Banco, there is no shortage of VIP baccarat games, especially in the live dealer sphere.

Super Slots

Oddly enough, it isn’t just table games that can be played for high stakes. There are high roller slot machines you can try your hand at online. These games may include some of your favourites, progressive jackpot games, fruit machines and more. Just remember to play slots for free (as demos) first before you wager epic sums on these very enjoyable games of chance.