Must Include in your SEO Package

Must Include in your SEO Package

SEO packages are bundled SEO services that aim to improve a company’s organic search engine rankings. SEO agencies can offer top services at an affordable package price.

The stronger the connections between each of the SEO components i.e. Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Content give the better the results. Being aware of the connections will help us better understand how to use them effectively.

SEO packages are typically a monthly subscription available for local and national SEO campaigns that can be further customized tethinids and goals of the business. SEO packages include services such as technical optimization, keyword research, link building and content development.

Following are some key points, that must be included in your SEO package:

  1. Technical Audit

The technical infrastructure, the current architecture of your website and the content management system you use are crucial for the success of your SEO campaign.

Ideally, before a professional SEO consultant can start optimizing your website, they should perform a technical audit of your website. This includes analyzing on-page and off-page elements to ensure there are no technical obstacles standing in the way of your online success.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is an essential part of SEO packages and an integral part of the success of your SEO campaign. There is usually a set number of keywords that an agency will target. This generally depends on the package tier you have purchased. SEO consultants use a variety of methods to find what they think are the best keywords to drive traffic to your site.

  1. Link Building and Citing

Optimizing your website off-page is crucial to improving your search engine rankings. It will give your page a more positive rating than being linked or referenced.

Following are some key points are included in link building:

• Submitting your site to quality, relevant directories

• Blog post writing Guest blog

• Article syndication

4.SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting is another service that can also be included in SEO packages if an SEO professional thinks pages need to be added to your website or rewritten. Writing optimized text for the web is an acquired skill, inserted naturally, consistently and strategically throughout the text.

You need to strike a balance between being attractive to readers and letting search engine spiders know what your text is about.


Training is also a very important part of SEO packages. Ideally, a professional SEO company should educate and empower clients with the knowledge to use content management systems, analyze Google stats, and optimize their website.

The level of training you receive depends on your starting level. At the end of the package, a client should feel confident enough to make fundamental changes to their SEO campaigns.

6.SEO Consultants

Most SEO packages assign you a dedicated SEO consultant. You can work directly with the consultant to optimize your website.

Your main role is to be your single point of contact, executing your campaigns and providing feedback on progress. Depending on the SEO company, you may only have contact during business hours, 24/7 real-time contact, or via email, phone, or video conference.

7.Additional Services

It may be cheaper to work with a company that offers specialized services and packages, such as Google Place Page Optimization, Social Media Marketing Packages and SEO Website Design.

However, before hiring a full-service agency to bundle your services, make sure each individual department is specialized and knowledgeable in your chosen field, and that the cost savings are worth it.


So we’ve discussed what should be included in the best SEO packages. These SEO package sallow you to market your business organically or for free on the internet.