9 Seo Factors affecting your ranking

9 Factors that affects your search engine ranking

There are various factors affecting your search engine ranking, many are well discussed and known by the industry experts and there are some which are still unknown secrets hidden in the vaults of the search engine giants.

What I will discuss today are the most important ones and if followed religiously, your organic traffic will take a big leap.

  • The keywords you are using.

Why Keywords? Because you want targeted traffic to your website, someone searching for dental treatment if lands up on a toy store will be a total waste. Using the right keywords which defines your services and products are the key to starting any promotion campaign.

Another important aspect is knowing how popular are your keywords, promoting the keywords which are not searched by people will eventually exhaust your ad budget with no or very little results. What we are aiming for here is the highest ROI on your promotion investment.

There are tools which will help you find which keywords are searched the most and which keyword combination should be used to get maximum results.

  • Linking is the key

A very well known fact is that the more backlinks you have, the higher will be the ranking in the search engines, quality content is one of the most important factor. With impressive content, provide statistics, graphs, informational data, quantifiable information to get maximum sharing of your website.

Internal linking is also an important factor, add a link to old posts, relevant pages on your site depending on the information flow. Keep the content meaningful with additional links to supportive information required.

  • Clear URLs

Avoid using special characters, symbols, numbers in urls, as far as possible keep the url meaningful, avoid confusing the user.

For example for a page with information on chemicals used in manufacturing soaps, name the url as “chemicals-used-for-soaps.html”

This way you are clearly informing the user and the search engines what is the page about.

Many issues will be resolved when you make it easy for the user and search engines to understand what you are providing.

  • Fast Loading Pages

A page which loads fast, error free, user friendly will be preferred over anything else. There are a lot of tips & tricks to load a page faster including compressing page, optimizing scripts, optimizing css, removing comments, gzip compression, caching content, optimizing images and more.

  • Quality of content

Unique and quality content is like a treasure, sooner or later will be found. Rather than concentrating on how to find shortcuts to short term traffic, i would rather concentrated on gathering quality content, unique, information.

  • Frequency of updation & content addition

Frequent updation and addition of new content is what search engines are looking for, search engine robots are hungry for new information, the more you add, the more will they visit your site ( crawl ).

  • Use Social Media to promote

Thinking of an online business without social media intervention will be a failure. Use social media to your advantage, build a social media audience on facebook, instagram, linkedin etc. Use them to showcase your new products, existing promotions, news, innovations etc.

  • Niche Concentration

Concentrate on your product niche, provide as much information as you can relating to your products, latest advancements, news, innovations, options, pricing, future prospects etc, this can be done through a blog which keeps your audience updated about the progress in your field.

  • Repeat

Follow the above regime religiously, continue doing it and I am sure you will be a leader in your industry.

All the BEST!.


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