Are you hit by Negative Reviews?

Reviews are an integral part of business, with more and more internet penetration, they are now becoming visible and more prominent.

Every consumer is now equipped with resources to display their experiences about a particular transaction.

It’s a mix of good and bad. Bad because its Human Psychology to immediately write about a bad experience, we are so prone to conveying about our negative experiences as against writing appreciation.

In case of a bad experience or a bad transaction we immediately want to pen it down on a blog, or a review site with the intention of hurting the company but when we come across excellent service, excellent support, excellent product, we hardly bother to mention it, let alone appreciating it on a blog or a review site.

Bad experiences are very subjective, they may be genuinely bad experiences or just miscommunication, misconceptions or over expectations. With more and more frauds happening, we tend to just negate it in our mind rather than thinking rationally at times.

In 20 years of my online business experience, I have come to a conclusion that if a company has 5 positive reviews and 2 negative comments, I would assume that those 5 positive reviews are much more valuable because out of 20 or may be 50 happy customers, only 5 would have bothered to write positive reviews.

I feel happy for a company when I see positive reviews about them, it’s a reward which a happy client can give to that company. Its what that company deserves.

The same way if there are genuinely negative reviews about your company, it’s a lesson for you and you should take it as an opportunity to further improve your operations.

If you come across unhappy reviews about your company, here is what I would strongly suggest

  1. Reach out to them, communicate with them, ask them about their dissatisfaction and go out of the way to solve them. Make it your goal to solve those issues.
  2. Most of the review sites will allow you to post a reply to the review, so be frank, honest and reply to them, be polite, let the world know that you are there to help them no matter whose mistake or misunderstanding it can be.
  3. Businesses are built with customers and your goal should be nothing but to serve them with what they are expecting out of your service.
  4. Amazon is built solely on one concept and thats “customer satisfaction”, and we all know what amazon has achieved.
  5. I agree that there are times when a customer or client is unreasonable, but that’s a part of business. At the end of the day your excellent qualities are going to speak.
  6. Be Genuine.

And for all of us,

Cultivate a habit of writing good words about a good experience, help other businesses, help them grow with your good experiences with them. Practice praising when it calls for.

Everyone deserves a chance & a SECOND CHANCE.

This is my personal opinion, you have the freedom to totally agree or disagree with them 🙂

Wish you good business.