Free web submission, still an attraction!

Search engine submission still holds its importance, though its usability is being questioned after evolution of search engines like google which do not typically require your website to be submitted to it.
Though Google is an undisputed king of all the search engines today, there are still many more search engines and directories available for submission.

Before getting into the list of free search engines, there are a few tips I would like to mention which should be considered before actually submitting your site.

  1. Make sure your website has proper meta tags.
    Most importantly the description and keywords tags
  2. Make sure you use a relevant title on your pages
    Use relevant keywords in the title, it is the title that is being displayed in the search results. The more relevant and eye catching it is, the better will be the chances of it being clicked.
  3. Check for broken links on your website and correct them.
  4. Make sure you have enough text content on your site, websites with less content are not much preferred.
  5. These are the basic checks which needs to be taken care of, once you are through with them, you can move forward to the free search engine submission list below to manually submit your website.

LIST of Free Search Engines you can submit to.

1. Google
2. Yahoo
3. Bing
4. Somuch
5. GigaBlast
6. Exactseek
7. Scrubtheweb
8. About
9. Aol
10. Activesearchresults
11. Claymont
12. Hotbot
13. Kartoo
14. Websquash
15. Yandex
16. Entireweb
17. DuckDuckGo
18. Blekko

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