what is seo

What is SEO?

Seo word is a synonym of search engines in today’s ultra intelligent search engines scenario.

The term Seo has shifted meanings and methods over the evolution of search engines. The methods have changed as against the past days when a few changes in the meta tags and page moved the rankings higher.SEO now has a very broad meaning, its way beyond onsite changes and keyword stuffing.

Google has more than 200 criterias to Rank a site. A perfect combination of all would place your site on the top and fetch you unimaginable amount of free traffic.So coming to the main point of our topic, SEO is search engine optimization, applied to a website to fulfil the maximum criteria a search engine requires to rank a site.

Doing the right thing at the right place in the right method will undoubtedly fetch results.

I will cover the Seo methods in depth in my next post.

Here are some simple things to be considered in a website.

  1. Keep your site layout clean.
  2. Use legible font size.
  3. Make sure your website is responsive ( Compatible with all display devices ).
  4. Use navigation wisely. Create a understable hierarchy.
  5. Use alt tags in images. Content of the images is not visible to the search engines, make sure they have alt tags.
  6. Dont stuff your page with too many external backlinks.
  7. The top 400 words of your website are most important for humans as well as search robots, use them to the fullest with relevant keywords.
  8. Use unique text content. Search engines hates plagiarism.
  9. Update your site often. It will increase the indexation frequency.

This post will just give you a basic idea about search engine optimization. I will cover a lot of other topics in the coming posts.

Hope you enjoyed reading, these are purely my views through my years of experience and I dont intend to negate or disapprove anyones views or beliefs.


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