Top SEO Tools to Make Your Site Rank Higher

Top SEO Tools to Make Your Site Rank Higher on Websquash

In today’s world, it’s important that businesses and even individuals possess an online presence in the form of websites. However, maintaining a website is not an easy task as one has to constantly fine-tune it in order to ensure that it keeps ranking high on search engines. If you find yourself in need of tips of how best you can finetune your website such that it ranks higher on search engines, worry not as in this article, we will share with you insightful tips on the best SEO tools to use. The SEO tools discussed in this article are specifically meant for the Websquash search engine but they can also be applied for any other search engine.

Make use of SEMrush

Most search engines including Websquash use keywords when ranking sites. As such, in order to ensure that your website ranks higher, you must incorporate such keywords. Keyword research is an overwhelming task if done manually as one will have to go through most of the website content contained by the websites that rank higher on the search engine. However, to aid businesses on this front, there is a program termed SEMrush which does keyword research automatically. With SEMrush, you get to know the keywords your website’s competitors are ranking for and in addition, you get to investigate your competitor’s text. Fully knowing which keywords are golden in helping your website rank higher, you can then incorporate the keywords on your website. The beauty of SEMrush is that it is a freemium product meaning you can use limited features for free! Some top businesses such as NoviBet do use SEMrush.

Buzz Stream

Buzz Stream is a program that does a lot of work from email marketing to project management. In addition to these, Buzz Stream is also a useful SEO tool. As an SEO tool, Buzz Stream works on two fronts. First, you can use the program for keyword research just like SEMrush. Buzz Stream, however, goes a step further revealing to you the content published by your competitors. With such information, you can come up with content that does incorporate all the important keywords needed for a higher ranking. Secondly, Buzz Stream can collate lists of authors of content on your competitor’s websites. When you know the person behind the content, you can keep an eye of their writing style and strategies thereby ‘imitating’ it for the good of your website.


Backlinks are important when it comes to SEO as they help in making your website an authority. Specifically focusing on backlinks is Linkody. Linkody helps you to know which websites are linking to your site. The importance of this is that when there are some websites linking to your website as spam, you can quickly notice them and disavow them. Linkody gives you the opportunity to disavow backlinks that you don’t like hence if you disavow backlinks that link your website as spam, you save yourself from being seen as spam by search engines something that you do not want when looking to rank higher.