The analysis of Facebook vs YouTube comments that contain text with keywords and its influence on rankings

You already know how useful inserting keywords into comments may be for SEO and for the ranking of the website in Google. However, as any other SEO specialist, you understand that every single platform or social media you work with has its algorithms. If one of your current tasks is to make sure comments on Facebook or YouTube have to generate more organic traffic, you need to learn as much as possible about the algorithms of these two platforms.


How does SEO help to optimize rankings? 

Speaking about the subject of SEO in general, it is vital to highlight that not that many college, academy or university institutions offer courses during which this field will be studied in detail. Thus, college students who are interested in this field will have to do a lot of research. Surely, they will have to find enough time to deal with the tasks of writing a time management essay or time management article for school and acquiring new knowledge in the field of search engine optimization. Once you find out more about the area, you will see that inserting keywords effectively into the comment section helps to show that comment in a higher position which presupposes that more people will see it.


Facebook SEO tips

First of all, a brand or a page you are trying to promote needs to have a catchy name. If you have a say in the process, suggest something that will be memorable and can be used almost any sentence. When writing comments, use a lot of text content and really think about what you are going to write. Don’t just spam with the brand name or a link. However, keep in mind that overusing keywords will probably hurt you. Aim at inserting one or two keywords when you write a comment on Facebook. Do not forget to place keywords in strategic locations. For instance, put some keywords in the ‘About’ section. Use Facebook notes to engage with your target audience more. Encourage them to comment as well. 


YouTube SEO tips

The first tip to take into consideration is to make certain the keyword you need to use is mentioned in the title and in the comment. However, you should not overuse keywords in the comment section as it will do more harm than good. Inserting keywords into the description is a great idea but it has to be organic. Do not forget about tags. They tend to work really well when one of the tags is your keyword. 


Do I need to hire someone to write comments? 

Well, it depends. Usually, it is the job of a social media manager. However, this position is often outsourced to expert writers who actually hold a degree in the field of linguistics. Higher education plays an important role as a student majoring in English or linguistics gets lots of academic writing assignments from their teacher. Thus, they become equally qualified to write a time management essay, as well as a certain amount of unique comments on Facebook or YouTube. The thing is that dealing with such tasks as writing a movie review, a time management article or a case study actually helps a person be able to come up with a properly written and unique piece of writing on any topic.

When you are looking for a candidate who will be responsible for writing or replying to comments, do not hesitate to ask them what kind of texts they have worked with so far. In case they have experience writing a time management essay, a philosophy paper, a book review or a time management article, it will be beneficial for you to hire such a person. All in all, hire a candidate who has acquired a lot of experience including the skills to write a time management essay.