How A Proxy Helps You Work

To use the Internet safely and confidentially, you need an intermediary between your computer and the network. Such a server is called a “proxy” and it can be based in any country. When tracing the connection, the address of the intermediary will be indicated, which makes it much more difficult to determine the IP of the computer protected by this method. The proxy broadcasts the user’s requests and sends him the received responses to the requests. To choose an inexpensive and reliable server, you can use the services of, for example. This site guarantees high speed of communication and complete anonymity of requests.

How proxies are used for corporate communications

Proxies are very popular among legal entities. This is necessary to access the Internet from the corporate network. This is why firms need intermediary servers:

  • observance of corporate secrets
  • proxy is supported on most browsers
  • through a proxy, you can use working functions with any operating system with minimal rights
  • filtering and traffic accounting
  • full control over access, and many other benefits.

Therefore, corporations choose proxies, despite the emergence of many types of network protocols. Even inexpensive NAT routing hardware could not replace these servers. This is likely because routers do not filter content and cannot adequately control network access.

Why is it convenient to use a proxy

If we are talking about a local network, then the proxy can restrict the use of certain resources. This is also convenient for corporations. Many companies, for example, want employees to be able to go online only for business, and not use social media and entertainment sites from their work computer. In addition, traffic is saved by providing users with information in a compressed state.

The cheapest proxies can be purchased from the following countries:

  1. Russia
  2. USA
  3. Ukraine
  4. Brazil
  5. France
  6. Netherlands
  7. Germany and many others.

For proxies, transparent and reverse communication schemes are used. In the reverse scheme, the load balance on the network is replenished with distribution among several servers. In addition, the security of Internet access is increased. And with a transparent scheme, traffic or part of it is directed to the proxy. The client can use such a server without settings with all the advantages. However, he cannot choose certain working conditions, as in the feedback. Therefore, corporations prefer reverse proxies.

Most often, proxies are used for the anonymity of Internet access. For example, it happens that a person is banned from a favorite forum, and he wants to continue using it. Or you might want to send an important letter anonymously. But also these servers are able to protect the PC from network attacks.

In addition, the proxy protects important data on local networks and in personal folders. Also, this kind of intermediary reduces the load on the Internet channel. For this, the files are cached and then stored in this form on the proxy server. Therefore, for both home and work Internet, there are many reasons to use this technology. Remember to use only one proxy server per one account, for example, on Netflix.