How to Promote Your Brand on Instagram

How to Promote Your Brand on Instagram

About 500 million of monthly users, 90 million of new photos added per day, and 90 millions of follows of the top Instagram account. Do you need any more proofs that your brand does need promotion on Instagram?
The much more challenging question is how to make an account popular. We can’t guarantee you success in this already too competitive niche, but we can give some essential advice.

#1 Design Your Unique Style and Follow it

Every company has its unique corporate identity. That’s the set of signs that stand the brand out in the competition. Use logo, branded quote, signature, and other unique attributes related to your business.
The very first thing to do is to choose the style of your Instagram acc. Take into account all the necessary:

  • The format of the photo.
  • Background.
  • Effects.

The stronger is your brand, the more recognizable is your symbolics. When a person suddenly stumbles upon a good or a service of a world-known company, he/she knows exactly the brand it belongs to.

#2 Post Regularly

Any promotion on social networks requires regular updates. A week of delay may cost you half the audience while a month of silence points to the bankruptcy of business.
However, I think there are no mechanisms that define how many photos and how often you need to upload. The main thing is to keep posts interesting and release them in more or less smooth chronology. Make a schedule and uniformly distribute publications for the whole week.
The publication frequency largely depends on the type of business and audience. For example, women check post more often than men. For sure, it’s all about the product you are working with. If it’s a store with a large range of goods, sometimes you can post up to a dozen photos a day. But be sure that you don’t annoy subscribers.

#3 Only High-Quality and Relevant Photos

The quality of publications is crucial. It’s better to add a few high-quality photos a week than dozens of poor images.
In this regard, the question arises: is it reasonable to address such an important task to SMM specialist?
Well, many small business owners update their accounts by themselves without the help of SMMs. And not without purpose! I believe that leading a corporate account is the task for someone who’s really interested in the business development. It often happens that SMM professional achieve the required quantitative indicators, but only for some time because he can’t/don’t want to put much spirit into your business. And that’s the problem. Make sure your staff works not just for money but rather for self-development.
Today, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take almost professional pictures. But this is the technical quality of the image – what about the composition? If you do not have a natural instinct, try to start not to overload the frame. Let it be less unnecessary items – just a product that you represent. By the same reason, do not use collages – they overload the image and makes it more difficult to concentrate on the essentials.
Declaring yourself as a commercial unit, you should be better than ordinary profiles full of cats and babies. Look for examples that reach your heart, copy them, analyze, and shoot something similar. You can even start a contest between the employees.

#4 Use # 

#Hashtags annoy many people, but the majority of the businesses believe they are necessary. However, it’s not about the number of hashtags but rather the relevance to the topic of the image. Hashtags have to say what you are doing, describing your business.
Hashtags are very effective if you have just started running your account. As for me, the best way is to design a few unique corporate hashtags for different goods/services and use them to promote your business.

#5 Communicate with the Audience and Give Some Insights
For many small companies, Instagram is not just a promotion but the main sales platform. You have to keep the contact with your followers. Start conversations, answer questions, respond to user comments without delays, and give some insights of the production process, life inside the company, etc.
If you want your business account to look natural, please do not try to make every post look like glossy magazine ads. The format of this social network allows you to upload photos not only of the final product but also the work process, as well as to share relevant and useful information to your subscribers. For example, if you are cooking or baking, you can share some culinary secrets – of course, if they are branded.
In addition, do not be afraid to talk about your current problems. Share your challenges in the form of cases. Thus, show the problems of your business along with an effective solution without provoking the subscribers to interpret your actions and lose faith in the quality of your products.