Things That Rank You On Top In Google

Things That Rank You On Top In Google

Gone are the days you’ll find SEO tools so expensive to the fact that; unless you don’t want rankings, you must have to pay for them. However, times have changed, there are now hundreds of tools out there to help you rank #1 on Google, and because of that, there are even free ones as well.

Today, I’m going to show you how to use only 3 free tools that will help you not just to rank you on top of Google SERPs, but also boost your domain authority on the long run.

Google Search Console – #1 Tool To Increase Traffic On Sites.

One thing you have to know as a blogger is the fact that there’re over a billion blogs on the internet today, and that’s averagely one blog for every seven people- this statistic shows how competitive the business of blogging can be. Imagine how many content have been created with over a billion blogs.

Now here’s one big deal about Google search console; if you do a comparison of your traffic for the last 30 days and traffic for the past 6 months for example, you’ll be able to look for the pages that have the biggest drop-offs, impressions and clicks. In these manner, you’ll be able to know the pages you have to adjust and update on your site.

Another thing you have to note is that the pages having the biggest drop in traffic are one’s search engines are no longer ranking as well, so once you’ve discovered the drop-off traffic pages, what you have to do is to update them with the latest and greatest information.

You may want to add images or videos to your blog if you think it would help improve user experience. You can also delete parts of your content that doesn’t make sense – in the case of having an eCommerce store; you can upgrade by installing woocommerce smart coupons instead of having irrelevant plugins that’s not beneficial for you. In addition, you should check the rate of keyword use to avoid Keyword stuffing. Once you update your content in this manner, you’ll notice in due time that your traffic in those pages will go up.

If you’re not sure on ways to provide the best experience for your blog, there are two options you can make use of, namely:

  • Do a search on your Keyword on Google and look up on the pages that rank for the keyword in question. Look at what your competitor’s pages have that your site don’t and then adjust your article to include all you’ve discovered that’s missing.
  • Go to YouTube, look for all the videos in your space that can add value to your topic and embed them in. A lot of people don’t know use this method, but it helps extensively on increasing the time people spend on your site, increases engagement also which helps improve your rankings as well.

Ubersuggest – Best Known For Keyword Research.

If you want to do SEO, Ubersuggest have the features of Moz, SemRush and it does offer about 80% of its features for free.

If you need a site audit, there is a SEO site audit report on Ubersuggest that breaks out your load time, Title tags, Meta description, URL issues, code errors and shows you your Onpage SEO score – showing you how to fix each of them and breaks them according to priority on which ones you should change first for maximum amount of traffic.

When looking for more Keywords to go after, Ubersuggest have the Keywords idea report that shows you all the Keywords you can go after. We all know that about 50% of searches that happens on Google gets no clicks, however with Ubersuggest, you’ll be provided with Keywords that’s based in questions, comparisons, prepositions – which are all high intent Keywords. Hence, if you go after all these keywords in your copy, you’ll find that in no time you’re having more clicks and more traffic such that most visitors landing on your site will convert because you’re not just going after general Keywords.

Ubersuggest also provides you with backlinks report. When you put in any URL of your competitor, it shows who links to them. What to do here is so to head up to all those people that is linking back to your competitor’s url and ask them to link back to your site if your content is better.

There are a host of other reports on Ubersuggest that will help you to your way un top of Google rankings, and if you manage an eCommerce store designed with woocommerce coupon, then you’re very lucky, because Woocommerce is SEO friendly and so is Ubersuggest. Other useful reports include the top traffic pages’ report that shows your competitors most popular pages, and the traffic analyzer report amongst others – which when studied in details would help to an extent.

Google Trends – The Brand Booster.

Google trends is all about brand. If your brand can usually get searched more and more, you’ll notice that your rankings is increasing systematically.

You may be wondering; why do you need to increase brand trust? You have to note that Google, Facebook and all other social sites out there have issues of fake news! Hence, the way Google is combating these problem is by rating brands, because they believe brands like CNN, Walmart and Nike for example, are less likely to post fake information – and that’s true.

What you’ll need to do is to make a continuous comparison with your competitors and see how you’re growing, and as we all know; Google Trends shows you that. If you don’t know how to increase your brand trust, use tools like “Hello bar”, which helps in collecting emails. You can also make use of Mailchimp for free which also helps with backlinks to your site as it helps your brand too. Mailchimp have a free subscription plan which allows people to subscribe for push notifications linked to your site so that whenever you have new customers, new content, new feature releases or new products for sale, you’ll be able to easily send out a push notification to get people back to your site- growing your brand in the long run.