How to win the search engine traffic War


Is it really possible to beat the search engine traffic war?

I have been into search engine marketing since almost 13 years now. The search engine ranking and traffic scenario has changed dramatically.
with billions of new websites in all these years, smarter search engines, easy ranking and easy traffic is a thing of past.

Search engines have evolved big time to provide relevant searches, Fighting from spams, tricking, doorway pages, irrelevant contenting, keyword stuffing and more.

There are more than 200 criteria Google considers while ranking a website.

Believe me, if you are ranked well, you will see incredible amount of free traffic from the search engines, but the question is, is it really possible to rank in this tremendous competition?

With already old websites occupying the first page search results, with so many back links built over the years how can a new entry compete them?

The competition is tough indeed but its possible, not over night but it is achievable with the below simple steps.

  1. Design a search engine friendly responsive website with logical flow of links over the website.
  2. Keep the website structure simple.
  3. Have your content written by professionals In the field. Use relevant keywords in the content.
  4. Make sure you want people to understand what you are offering.
  5. Use pictorial presentation wherever possible.
  6. Use video presentations
  7. Have a blog.
  8. Have social sharing buttons including Facebook, Google plus.
  9. Remember, if you are offering something useful, it will be watched and heard.
  10. Have a Facebook page for your business.
  11. Have a twitter page and tweet regularly.

Consistent efforts without getting frustrated will get the ball rolling no matter how tough the competition is.

Start optimist..keep adding fresh content to your website. It will take time but the efforts will definitely pay.

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