How to Boost Your Website Using Free SEO Tools

How to Boost Your Website Using Free SEO Tools

If you manage a website or an online business, you may have heard about the benefits of Search Engine Optimization could bring your brand. This is true and the benefits are usually in monetary value as this is what we are striving for. How this gets turned into revenue is up to you but ultimately you want more potential clients landing on your page and not your competitors. So if you are looking for SEO but cannot afford to fund it, there are a few free tools you can utilize before seeking professional creation. There are also a few tips you can learn along the way, a kind of self-made SEO crash course for yourself and maybe you can even learn how traffic is driven at this URL. Let’s take a look at some of the tools that will benefit your website.


This is really more free advice than a free SEO tool. You will need content for your site but the content you create needs to be quality content, original and relevant to your business. Once you have either created or acquired the content you will need keywords that Google uses to identify users to your website ahead of all other websites. For this to be made possible, you would need loads of content so never stop creating original posts, blogs, newsletters and so forth.

Google Keyword Planner

As mentioned above, there is need of keywords. This ensures Google finds your content. With Google Keyword Planner you are able to determine which keywords you need and are relevant o your site. The program is a self-explanatory programme which allows you to guide yourself through the pages of information to better understand how it works.

Google Trends

The internet has a knack of finding a trend and running with it until the next one comes along. With this tool you can identify trends and tweak your content to fit in with these searches, boosting your rankings with SEO in doing so.

Yoast SEO

This tool is ideal for WordPress website creators. It is essentially a plugin for the site and is used to optimize meta tags, meta descriptions, content and the likes. It is ideal for quick optimization with a very straightforward user interface which allows for easy access and controls.

SEO Hero

To the rescue! The idea behind this tool is to reveal semantically related keywords. So what it will do is gather up the top 100 search results for the keywords you have obtained and put through into the search. It will then analyse the text and extracts what is needed to list the most common related phrases and similar words for your content.

These are only a handful of the tools you might find helpful and free. There are hundreds to discover online and through time you will begin to understand what is necessary for your business to grow and how to use SEO to accomplish this. For now, stick to the basics and understand the importance of SEO.